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The First and Unique PDO

Isidoro Peroni

The First and Unique PDO
The Association “Spelt of Monteleone”, after receiving the recognition of The first and unique PDO in the world by the European Community, decided to proceed with the establishment of a limited liability company to promote and commercialize the PDO spelt.

The company was established on August 31st 2015 and the major manufacturers and packers of the territory joined it. The company deals with the promotion and the marketing of PDO Spelt of Monteleone in all national and international institutions and trade. The company will also monitor the quality of the spelt and the production, which is entrusted to the regulation of Agrifood Technology Park of Umbria of Todi. Any orders will be fulfilled by buying and working on the products of the members. If the product of the members is not sufficient to meet the request, the Company may purchase certificated product also from not associated companies. The company will buy the raw product, which has passed the checks in accordance with the rules of PDO production, by the farmers in the territory, at a rewarding price for them, encouraging them to develop and extend the crops, and it will package the spelt in the territory. By the acquisition of new retails and wholesale buyers in Italy and worldwide and by resulting revenues, the company will fund its promotional activities, and if possible it will remunerate the shareholders with its profits.

The marketing action is important for the product, whose quality is widely recognized. One of the first promotional initiatives will be the application of plaques bearing the PDO logo along the roads which reach the territorial district of production that includes 6 municipalities (Monteleone, Poggiodomo, Cascia, Santanatolia, Scheggino and Vallo di Nera). Among future projects, there is also the intention to stage a permanent Spelt Show (technical, historical, traditional, nutritional and culinary show), and the organization of an international Kermess on the ancient grains to hold annually in the months from July to September. During this Kermess there will be conferences of scholars and researchers, cooking contests in which each competitor must submit to a jury of experts the most traditional dish of their territory and a modern innovative dish with the same basic product, dissemination and sale of local products and last but not least the tasting of various dishes. A short publication will gather all the information, the history of spelt and other cereals, waiting for a permanent exhibition, in order to highlight the development of the territory.