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Spelt: the Characteristics of a Product

Spelt: the Characteristics of a Product
The characteristic that makes this spelt unique in its genre, P.D.O. “Spelt of Monteleone di Spoleto”, is its light brown caryopsis that when it is broken, it appears vitreous and compact with mealy residues. The flat, short, tapered spike with not too long and slightly splayed awns complete the characteristic picture of this product. There are causal links between the geographical area and the quality or the characteristics of the product (for PDO) or a quality specification, the reputation or other characteristic of the product (for PGI).

The specific physical and organoleptic characteristics of “Spelt of Monteleone di Spoleto” and above the typical amber color of the caryopsis and its vitreous texture are to be linked to the combination of soil and climatic conditions of the production area and in particular to the rocky limestone soils located above 700 mt. a.s.l. that prevent the stagnation of water in wet seasons because of their steep position.

The experiments and the scientific studies carried out have shown that the use of the seed of the “Spelt of Monteleone di Spoleto” in other areas of Valnerina gives a product that does not maintain its specific characteristics with the passage of time. This is the demonstration of the existence of a strong process connected to the production area so as to constitute a specific local variety. In fact, the same seed cultivated in other nearby territories loses its vitreous texture into a floury one. It is a Spring plant suitable for sowing at the end of Winter in mountain areas where the steep, limestone, stony terrain, rich in phosphorus and poor of potassium, prevent the stagnation of water in the humid seasons. The climate is typical mountainous with very cold winters, frequent frosts that go up till May and very few Summer weeks with high daytime temperatures. The Spelt of Monteleone di Spoleto has adapted over time to these climatic conditions, resisting fruitfully.