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Spelt Recipes

The common thread: spelt and healthy diet

What are the main characteristics of spelt? Can it be used in the Mediterranean diet? Spelt has a very high nutritional value. It contains all the basic elements that are necessary for living beings. Its high protein content give the consumers a greater feeling of satiety after eating the product. As it contains a small amount of gluten, it has a high tolerance, even if it is not allowed for celiac subjects, but, anyway its low level of toxicity deserves to be further studied. The spelt has high water solubility, which allows to easily absorb the nutritive substances.
Many people have entered spelt-base foods in their diets for their beneficial effects for health. Athletes before a competition can find in the spelt a high level of complex carbohydrates necessary for their nutritional needs. Currently it is cultivated in modern companies in order to propose fine dishes in the name of tradition and a natural and health-conscious alimentation.

Collection of amateur chefs menu, the chefs and amateur cooks participating in the culinary competition "Spelt menu" organized by the Municipality of Monteleone di Spoleto for the exhibition of the P.D.O. Spelt and of the Typical Products of the Mountain.

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